Student Enrollment Procedures




            The Board shall admit students to the schools of the School District based upon an

application submitted by the parent, guardian or student to the Board at the beginning of each

school year, under such rules and regulations as the Board may prescribe.

            No student may be excluded from the appropriated school within the School District

except by due process or failure to meet specifications of polices contained herein. The Board

fully recognizes that providing equality of educational opportunities for all children requires

objectively. The Board is equally concerned that all admissions policies adhere strictly to

applicable legal requirements, e.g. health-related standards.

            The following procedures shall be adhered to by the child’s parents or guardians in order

for a student to enter the first grade unless barriers prevent such actions to occur:

  1. Present to school officials an official birth certificate showing that he is six years old on

      or before December 31 of the year of his admission.


  1. Present to school officials proof that the child has received immunization for the

      following communicable diseases: polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, rubella

      and mumps; or, present to school officials a written objection of the parents or guardian

      to immunization against non-epidemic diseases based on religious grounds, or a

      statement from a physician stating that the immunization or tests would be detrimental to

      the health of the child.


  1. Present to school officials a Social Security card. If the child does not have a permanent

      Social Security card, the School District’s attendance specialist, upon enrollment, will

      issue an alternate identification number.      


  1. Present to school officials proof of residency within the school’s attendance zone.


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